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About The Institute for Community Peace

The Institute for Community Peace (ICP) is a national organization dedicated to transforming community by changing the structures that cause social problems. Based in Washington, DC, ICP works at the national level, bridging the application of best practice, research, and innovation to provide tools, trainings and technical assistance to a broad audience of practitioners, funders and policymakers. We also partner with national non-profit organizations, federal agencies and funders to shift the public dialogue on how we engage issues to achieve sustainable social change. At the local level, ICP partners with communities and funders on a variety of issues while building local capacity to support community health. Founded in 1994, ICP was originally conceived as the National Funding Collaborative on Violence Prevention (NFCVP), a partnership of private and public grantmakers. The founders shared the vision of establishing primary prevention as the central focus of best practice in efforts to end youth violence in communities across the country. After ten years of partnering on demonstration work in local areas, ICP learned that the ultimate goal transcended merely preventing violence, but instead rested in creating communities capable of sustaining community health and wellbeing. Accordingly, the organization’s name was changed in 2003 to reflect a broader mission focusing on promoting community peace. After extensive research on sustainability and structural change, ICP emphasizes structures and change in its community engagement work.

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