Announcing the Community Peace Bulletin

by ICP Blogger posted 1/23/2012 10:03:35 AM
Welcome to the Community Peace Bulletin

The Institute for Community Peace (ICP) works to transform community by lifting the untapped power of residents to develop, implement and sustain solutions for their concerns and hopes about community life.

ICP believes in joining with community to create the conditions that lift community power. Collaboration and partnership forms the basis for our work at the local and national level.

As we begin this new blog, our goals are two-fold. First, we hope to engage in a dialogue about the structural causes of the social, political and economic inequity evident in the country today. Second, we hope, in the process of identifying these causes, to increase both understanding and public will for structural change.

Many of our nation’s problems are caused by the structural arrangements that undergird our society. ICP understands structures as the simultaneous interaction of three principles: cultural norms and values, power relations and resource distribution. Since structures are both ubiquitous and virtual, we tend not to see when these principles are interacting with one another, but when they do, they can lock in and create a powerful force, including constituencies to sustain them. This blog will examine the ways in which these principles are at play in our public life as well as highlight examples of groups and communities working to shift these structural principles

We invite you to engage with us in a number of ways. Read and comment. Send links to your friends and colleagues. And join us in our efforts to promote positive social change for all people!

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